9 Hot Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

Terrible music is once again blasting through the speakers of every shopping centre around.

Gaudy pine-trees are popping up everywhere, laden with distracting tinsel. 

Yes – it is Festivus time again! 

That means it is shopping and decision making time. 

But what to get for that wine lover (or wine lovers) in your life? Never fear, the answer is here! Peruse my hand-selected list of 9 Christmas gifts any wino would welcome under the tree on the Big Day. 


1. Tucker’s Natural Cracker Up Club Subscription

Wine and cheese go together so naturally. Why not make it extra easy for the wine aficionado in your life and gift them a year’s worth of perfect cheese & food platters? Is such a thing truly real? Indeed it is, from those geniuses at Tuckers Natural.


Build your ultimate cheese and wine platter all year long with the #CrackerUp club! Crisp crackers, perfect paste and special little extras to your door at least 4 times a year for just $50. Platters for the year – sorted! 

This is the Spring 2016 box contents.




2. Champion the Grape Wine Growers

Not enough attention or thought is given to the artisans that tend our vineyards, soil and manage weather, pests and disease. As we’ve seen with the all pervasive power of ColesWorths, our farmers are the ones that suffer when they are forgotten in preference for profit, sexy packaging or cheap prices.

Wine grape growers are equally as important as our winemakers. It’s like the farmer and the chef! Produce is king.

Here is a unique range of wines from Unico Zelo which profit share with their growers.

From $22.99 to $26.99

50% of the profits go directly back to the grape growers.



3. Newlywed Wine Lovers or Wedding Planners

Awesome wedding list t-shirt for those wino’s in your life who are planning a wedding next year. 

Plus it’s ethical too, with sourcing and labour standards.






4. Prosecco Lip Balm

When drinking wine is no longer enough, slather it on your lips too in the form of Prosecco Lip Balm.

Perfect for those occasions when sipping is frowned upon! Like in a uni lecture or business meeting. You can secretly enjoy your prosecco flavour unnoticed! 

It’s 98% natural too.

UK5.75 each via Amazon.prosecco-lip-balm


5. Wine 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar 

Secret Bottle are offering a fabulous gift box of 12 Days of Christmas Wines by the glass. Try 12 different wines, one a day, in the lead up to Festivus. 

The wines are individually portioned in glass tubes each a perfect pour of vino. 

How good’s that?!

Wondering about the quality of wine you’ll get? Wonder no more. I’ve reviewed the Secret Bottle Box here. 

Keen on other boozy Advent Calendars? Check out more than you can poke a stick at here. 





6. Wine Glass Charms

If you hang out with friends and drink wine, you’ll know that glasses quickly lose their human holders. This can lead to using pretty much every glass in your whole house!

Wave goodbye to lost wineglass issues with cute sleeping kitty glass charms. They charmed me! 

$16.95 each.




7. Ultimate Wine Tote: The Cool Clutch

A handbag, backpack or clutch purse with an insulated zip pouch big enough to keep your favourite bottle of wine, or even a wine cask bladder, cool and absolutely hidden. 

Going to a kid’s concert? There’s a Cool Clutch for that. 

A picnic and bushwalk? There’s a Cool Clutch for that. 

Camping? You’d better believe there’s a Cool Clutch for that. 

Read more about the Cool Clutch in my review here



8. Pamper a Wine Lover with Kaya Organics

Even Wine Lovers Need Pampering!

Kaya Organics Rose & Cinnamon Moisturiser will leave you smelling like roses for hours.

Sure to pretty up even the most herbaceous Sauv Blanc or enhance the Turkish Delight of a Gewurtz.


9. Grapest Run 1km Wine Walk Tickets

This qualifies as the cheapest gift as well – at least right now!

The Grapest Race brings to Australia (finally!) the Bordeaux wine race concept. Run or walk a 1km wine tasting station laden route, or challenge yourself with a longer run that culminates in the 1km of wine tasting goodness. 

Booking a spot for a wine loving friend in the race nearest you is only $1 at the moment, with the balance payable once the minimum number of participants is reached. How good is that if you are a bit tight this Christmas?!



 Bonus Gift Idea: 12 Days of Christmas Prosecco

It’s just not Christmas morning without a breakfast with bubbles. Available NOW for the first time anywhere in Australia: the most comprehensive collection of Australian Prosecco, from Victoria, NSW, and WA. The perfect way to further your Australian Prosecco education, bottle by bottle. $275 includes delivery.



 Bonus Gift: Wine Bottle Shaped Lip Tints

They’re made in Korea with no mention of what they are made of though so buyer beware!


Comments make my day – Have your say below! Which of these Festive Wine Goodies would you like under your Christmas Tree?


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